Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fanciful Feathers Centerpiece

These fun and whimsical centerpieces are definitely a show stopper, yet surprisingly easy to create. They can be used for any party or occasion by just changing up the feather colors. For a wedding reception you might go with all white, a baby shower you would use pink or blue feathers, a circus or carnival party you might use a rainbow of colors .... the option are endless! Recently I used them twice - once for an evening "celebrity auction" and later for a daytime teacher appreciation luncheon. 

To make these centerpieces you need about 24 ostrich plumes in the color of your choice - these can be ordered online by the pound or you can find some colors at craft stores like Hobby Lobby. You also need a tall glass "eiffel tower" vase which I also found at Hobby Lobby. ( I have to admit I secretly am a Hobby Lobby junkie!!!) You will also need ribbon to wrap around the vase, a mirror for a base and the glass "vase filler" beads to glue around the mirror. Optional items include - flowers to "poof" out the top of the arrangement, crystals to hang from your feathers and gemstones to go around the bottom of the vase. 

To assemble your centerpieces the first thing you do is secure your ribbon around the vase (I used dots of hot glue). Next you begin inserting your feathers. To get the feathers to lay out instead of sticking straight up, you need to bend the wire on the stem of the feathers down. After you have put all of your feathers inside the vase you can play with them and move them around until you achieve the look you want. If you have chosen to put a flower "poof" out of the top this comes next. Put your flower in and step back and admire your work - it's finished. Next you will hot glue your beads around the edge of the mirror and then when you go to set up you will add whatever final touches you have chosen to go around the base of your centerpieces. I also attached 4 hanging crystals to the underside of my feathers. 

The pictures at the first of the blog are the centerpieces used in the evening celebrity auction, while the pictures above are the same centerpieces used at a daytime teacher appreciation luncheon showing just how versatile these centerpieces are. When you create feather centerpieces the only requirement is to have fun!!! 

Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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