Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party - part 1

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The Queen of Hearts
Invites You to Attend

Piper's 7th Birthday
In Wonderland!

Follow the White Rabbit to :
Country Club Drive

For my daughter's 7th birthday she wanted an Alice in Wonderland party so we decided to take our own trip down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. In our Wonderland we found the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and Alice all ready to party with the kids!!!

When our guests arrived they were greeted by a painted wooden board with the cheshire cat telling them to go "this way, that way, & over there" at the front door walkway. Along the walkway I had placed pink flamingos up either side to lead them to the door. Once they arrived to the front door they had to walk by the mushrooms, roses, clocks and cards. On the front door was another painted board of the White Rabbit basically inviting them to follow him in - down the rabbit hole. Once the guests got inside, the girls were all given tulle tutu's to wear and taken to the back yard out into our Wonderland.

For the "Mad Hatter" tea party part of the party, I had accordian style top hats wrapped with tulle, flowers & the Mad Hatter price tag sitting in the seats of the chairs. At each place setting was a heart doile' that had the guests mismatched teacup and saucer on it, their silverware and their teacup party favor. The silverware I had wrapped in different colored napkins, tied with tulle and flowers. For the centerpieces I had stacked different sizes, colors, etc. of teacups and then added all kinds of Alice in Wonderland themed embellishments (I'll talk about them later).  Above our Mad Hatter tea party table, hanging from the ceiling, were giant glitter hearts, cards, flowers & butterflies. Down the center of the table were clocks, cards, flamingos and hearts. 

For the actual tea party all the guests were served their tea by the host himself : The Mad Hatter. The Queen of Hearts and The White Rabbit served them their food. For food I had heart shaped sandwiches filled with cream cheese and strawberry jelly, red and pink heart shaped peeps marshmallows, strawberries and heart shaped cookies.  After the guests were finished with their tea party, it was time for cake!!!

Coming in part 2 .......
Party Games, Party Favors, Cake Photos, Centerpieces and more!!!
Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,


  1. Alice in Wonderland Party! It looks just stunning. The décor items are so beautiful. I have also made planned to throw an indoor end of summer party at one of the best party venues in Los Angeles so I’ll consider these party ideas dear!!


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