Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snow and Crystal Centerpiece

Snow & Crystal Centerpiece Perfect For January Parties

Last night we hosted a New Year's party for 50 at our house. I went with the theme of snow, crystals, silver, etc... It was freezing cold so I thought that would definately fit the occasion! We had the party outside in a tent with a band, frozen drink bar, silver party hats and crowns, a photo booth, and of course heaters!!! The centerpieces and coordinating table decorations could be used at any occasion during the cold winter months or if you live in an area where it snows often. They would be perfect at an anniversary party, wedding reception, adult birthday party, etc..


*Large glass cylinder vases
*Clear glass pebbles
*Snow (fluff in a bag), snow flakes and glitter flakes
* Tree Limbs
* Kilz spray paint, Clear sealer with silver glitter spray
*Asst. Snowflakes, and crystals
*Silver mirrored x-mas ornaments

STEP 1: 
Put 1 bag of pebbles in the bottom of each vase to help weigh it down. Then mix the snow fluff with some of the glitter flakes and use to fill vase about 2/3 full.

STEP 2 :
Spray paint your branches white with the Kilz, let dry. When dry coat them all with the clear/silver glitter spray sealer. Once your branches have dried, stick one into each vase through the snow and then place a couple of the mirrored x-mas ornaments on top of the snow around the branches.

STEP 3 :
The final step in completing your centerpiece is to hang the snowflakes and crystals randomly on your branch. Viola! A winter wonderland centerpiece ready to brighten up any table!

To add some interest around the bottom of the centerpieces I sat them on octagon mirrors, sprinkled flaked snow and glitter on the mirrors around them and topped them off with some large glass diamonds. The finished product was beautiful.

Wishing you happiness, love and alittle pixie dust in the coming year,

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  1. Really wonderful! Does this kind of centerpiece only applicable for Christmas Season?


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