Friday, March 4, 2011

Celebrating With Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss's birthday is on March 2. Make a day of it with your children and celebrate! Reading the books to your kids is always great, but some of them also come in cartoons that are cute and fun to watch too! Here are a few ideas to make your day as whimsical, wacky and fun as the characters in his books are!!! 
Green Eggs and Ham
1- Craft : Make your own green eggs and ham placemats to eat on
2- Snack : Make the traditional sausage/egg casserole only substitute diced ham for the sausage and add green food coloring before you cook it


3-  Craft 2 : Make your own green eggs and ham craft by using green felt for the ham & to make the eggs mix 1 part shaving cream to 1 part glue, stir, add neon green food coloring then stir again. Glue the felt onto a paper plate, put a blob of the "eggs" on the plate and a green pom pom ball in the center of the "eggs". Let "eggs" harden.


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
1- Snack : Make blue jello in a clear punch cup and put gummy fish in it
2- Art project : Make fish out of their handprints, imitating the book cover
3- Art project 2 : Cut a fish bowl pattern out of the center of a paper. Glue it on top of another paper. The have the children draw a red fish and a blue fish inside the bowl. Have the children paint over their fish bowls with the clear/blue tinted elmer's glue to give the water effect. Sprinkle alittle glitter over the glue before it dries. 

Art Project 1 
Art Project 2

4- Game : Let the kids go fishing! Use a science project board and paint the cover of the book on it. Tie twine onto a bamboo stick and on the other end of the twine tie a magnet. Have the children "cast" their fishing lines over the board and catch fish or a treat (gummy fish tied up in a clear bag).
Fishing Game

The Foot Book
1- Art Project : Cut out shapes of feet/socks and get out the glue, glitter, markers, etc. and let them decorate them
2- Art project : Have the kids get in a circle, strip off their shoes, socks, etc. Get out the washable markers and decorate their toes/feet with all different types of faces!
3- Game : Trace their feet, cut them out and then play a musical chairs type game with them. (Put feet shapes in a circle, play music, children walk around, pull one foot shape out, stop music & whoever doesn't stop  on a foot steps out of the game. Continue this way till 1 child is left.)

The Lorax
1. Craft Project : Make Truffela Trees with your children. Use green play dough to make a grass hill on a piece of turquoise paper, stick yellow and black striped pipe cleaners (or solid yellow or black) into the play dough as the tree trunks and then glue pom pom balls onto the top of the pipe cleaners! Super cute!

The Cat In The Hat
1- Game :  Have your children try to balance things on their heads like the cat in the hat and walk around! First place a book on their heads, have then walk in a circle, then add a tea cup, walk, etc. Keep adding things until they can't balance anything else and it all comes tumbling down! 
2-  Craft : Make your own cat in the hat with a paper plate and a hat cut out. Attach the hat to the plate and then have the children color the hat and add the face. 
3 - Art project : Help the children draw a "portrait "of the cat in the hat.
4- Craft : Make "Cat in the Hat" hats out of white posterboard and red construction paper. After the kids have made their hats with face paint add a black nose and whiskers!

Craft Project
Art Project

Thing 1 and Thing 2 
( characters in the Cat in the Hat book)

1-Snack : Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes. Make red velvet cupcakes in red cupcake liners. Once they have cooled you can either tint icing turquoise or you can top them with a thin layer of icing as a "glue" and then stick blue cotton candy on top of them like wild hair. To finish the cupcakes use white dot stickers and write Thing 1 / Thing 2 on them and then affix them to the cupcakes. 
2 - Art project :  Paint the palm of 1 of the child's hands white and the 4 fingers blue. Make a print. The other hand paint solid red, turn upside down and make another print underneath the first one. Add a white circle to the center of the red handprint and write Thing 1 & Thing 2 in them.


Bartholomew and the Oobleck
After reading the story make oobleck!
Recipe : a large mixing bowl, mixing spoon, green food coloring, 10 cups cornstarch, 6 cups room temp. water.  Put water in bowl, add food coloring, mix in cornstarch - 1 cup at a time - till thoroughly mixed. Put globs in paper cups and let children play with it!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!
Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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