Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

For my son, Ethan's, 9th birthday we had a mad scientist party at our house. We had "the lab" in the garage, the party table set up on the back patio and the "decontamination room" by the front door. When they arrived they went immediately to the "decontamination" room to get their goggles, gloves, lab coats and mad scientist hair! 

The b-day boy & Daddy
The front entrance

Once all the guests had arrived and been outfitted in their lab gear - we headed to the lab. We had transformed our garage into the lab by hanging black plastic sheets (like trash bags) that we bought in a roll from Lowe's all around the garage. With glow in the dark paint and silver paint I drew stars and splatter painted on the plastic. The we had some mad scientist cutouts from Oriental Trading that we also taped around on the plastic. I hung silver star cutouts all over from the ceiling and sprinkled silver star confetti all over the floor. Then we brought in tables with silver cloths for the "lab tables". On each of these tables were the items needed to conduct their experiments. 

For the experiments that they would do in the lab we had plastic bubbles, making fake snow, growing fish eggs, making green slime and making your own bouncy balls. As they entered the lab they each got a large plastic beaker (with an eyeball in the bottom)  that had glow necklaces in them, since it was dark in the lab. They carried the beakers with them from station to station to put their "experiments" in. 

After we left the lab we headed to the backyard for one last final group experiment before we sat down for cake. We blew up a volcano that I had made before the party. 

The party table I had set with centerpieces that I had made out of styrofoam and painted, stacked etc, to represent science molecules, etc. At each place setting the guests had a set of 4 test tubes filled with different flavored kool-aid as their drinks.

Everyone had a blast - especially our birthday boy! For their party favors the kids took home their lab coats, goggles, mad hair, beaker with their experiments in it and their test tubes they had used to drink out of with some extra experiments.  The party was a success and who nows?.....Maybe we inspired some future "mad scientists!"

 Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,


  1. Very creative! I appreciate you sharing all of your creative ideas.

  2. Do you happen to remember where you purchased those eyeballs that are on top of your beakers at the party table? Thanks so much!


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