Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Decorating with Blue and White

Some people choose to go with a blue and white theme through out their home, while others find blue and white pieces the perfect accents for their decor. The timeless effect created by blue and white china pieces helps to instill a feeling of warmth and traditionalism in your home. 
On top of this television armoire is a collection of blue and white china pieces. Here I mixed urns, vases, plates and jars. Some have been handed down from grandparents, others given to me by friends and family and still others I have simply collected myself. Each piece has it's own story. 
This picture is from a hallway table. Here there is only one blue and white urn that has been mixed in with other table top items on display. Sometimes a single piece has just as much impact and makes just as large of a statement as a grouping of similar pieces does. This urn was a special piece given to me by my grandmother. I chose to display it alone, rather than in a grouping of similar blue pieces, to heighten it's interest and importance. 
This picture shows a grouping on my mantle. Here I have chosen to mix different styles of blue and white pieces but all with an oriental design. 


When decorating your home with blue and white pieces there really is no rule to follow. Choose the pieces that have meaning to you or just catch your interest in some way. Mix like patterns and different patterns, like styles and different styles - the sky is the limit! The most important rule of thumb to remember is this - this is your home. There is no right or wrong way to display them. Do what feels best for you and you will achieve your desired effect. 
Wishing you peace, love, and happy decorating,
-Kendall - 

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