Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowman Lollipops

Snowman Lollipops

Supplies :
1- Large Marshmallows (3 per pop)
2- White Chocolate Candy Melts
3- Lollipop sticks (about 7" long)
4- Mini M&M's
5- Cellophane Bags
6- Ribbon
7- Waxed Paper

To make the lollipops, put 3 marshmallows on each stick. The stick should come about 3/4 of the way through the top marshmallow (the head) but not poke all the way through. Make sure the marshmallows are touching with the flat sides up. 

Melt the chocolate. Once chocolate is melted, dip the marshmallow pops into the chocolate. Be sure they are completely covered so the marshmallows won't get hard. Once covered, shake lightly to allow excess to drip off, then place on waxed paper. While the chocolate is still wet, add M&m's for eyes, nose and buttons. 

After the chocolate has set and marshmallows are completely dry, peel them from the waxed paper, put in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon. 

These lollipops are easy to make and fun for all. I found the idea on a website and decided to run with it! We made these on a snow day after we had been outside making a snowman - we ended up having a snowman day all around! 

Wishing you peace, snowy days and a little pixie dust, 

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