Sunday, January 9, 2011

Egyptian Birthday Party

For Hudson's 6th b-day he wanted to have an Egyptian party. This kind of threw me for a loop, but i soon had an idea forming and was off and running! Hudson wanted them to eat the cake and ice cream inside of a "pyramid", so it was time to get creative.
I made my pyramid out of canvas drop cloths (which I got at Lowe's), different shades of brown spray paint, black spray paint and I used an Egyptian Heiroglyphics book for a reference. First, I painted the drop cloths with the different shades of brown, then I used the black spray paint to draw sections on the canvas. To complete the pyramid "walls" I drew heiroglyphics inside each of the panels with my black spray paint - using my Egyptian book as a guide. After the "walls" were finished, I constructed our pyramid by hanging them around all 4 sides of our patio, leaving an opening on one end as the entrance. On either side of our opening I placed different sizes and types of palm trees.



 When the party guests arrived they were each given a muslin top and sash to wear as their traditional Egyptian costume and a bag with 5 gold coins in it. Then they were directed to head over to our Egyptian marketplace, where they would make their collars, crowns, decorate a paper mache' sarcophagus and have their picture taken against a pyramid backdrop that I painted. To make the marketplace I used tents and different cuts of fabric to drape on them. As the kids went from each market booth to make their craft, etc. they had to pay each of the booth owners 1 gold coin to get to make what they were selling.



To enter the pyramid each of the kids had to pay King Tut with their last remaining gold coin.
At the children's place settings they each had a mummy we had made with treats inside and their place cards written in heiroglyphics. To make the mummy treats we made paper cones, filled them with treats and them wrapped them with strips of muslim. To decorate the table I used gold jeweled fabric, palm trees, gold coins and jewels, small egyptian figurines and gold plates, napkkins, etc. The cups we even glued jewels around.


The children all had a blast and the birthday boy was thrilled! All in all it turned out to be a wonderful Egyptian afternoon for all!

Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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