Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Gumball Necklace

 As a new take on the candy necklace, why not try a gumball necklace? You can give these to the sweet girls in your life or hand them out at a Valentine's party. They are easy to make and also fun for kids to make - as long as they have adult supervision with the hole making. I found this idea on another blog site and made a few adaptions in the supplies and steps to make it easier for my daughter and I to do together. 

Supplies : 
1- Large Gumballs in asst. Valentine colors
2. 5/8" wide satin ribbon in Valentine colors
3. Metal skewers or a meat thermometer
4. Plastic yarn needles or large eye sewing needle

Steps : 
1- Using the metal skewer / meat thermometer, pierce one side of the gumball. Hold the gumball steady as you pierce the hole to keep the skewer from slipping off the slick surface of the gumball.
2. Flip the gumball over and pierce another hole directly opposite the first hole. If you try to poke the hole straight through the gumball all at once, it will crack. 
3. Using the needle thread the ribbon through the gumballs, tying a knot between each gumball as you string them. 
4. Once you have all of the gumballs that you want on your necklace, tie the ribbon ends together at your desired length. Lastly, just for a little flair, tie a bow on top of the first gumball in a cute Valentine's ribbon. Voila!

 Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust, 

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