Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party - part 2

You can't have an Alice in Wonderland party without a fabulously whimsical cake - so to help me create this I turned to my cousin, Shari Rosson. She created a cake for us complete with the cheshire cat, the talking roses, cards, the pocket watch, glitter hearts and more!!! The cake looked wonderful and tasted amazing too!!! We were thrilled!

Once the "tea party" part of the party was over, it was time for games! 
1- Queen's Croquet
 The kids used plastic flamingos as the mallets, brown painted styrofoam balls as the hedgehog balls and for the wickets I had painted wooden boards with pictures of characters from the movie. It was so cute and they had a blast! 
2 - Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat 
(which is played just like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game).
3 - Clean Cup, Clean Cup 
(This game is actually played at the tea party table during "tea time". Before the actual tea party began we played the very merry unbirthday song from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack and every so often we would stop it. Then every one would say "clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down" and move to the seat next to them. The kids would continue to move around the table until they came back to their original seat. As they did this, every time they would move, the Mad Hatter would fill up another tea cup. When the guests arrived back at their chairs they were ready to begin the tea party. Everyone enjoyed this!)
Other ideas include : 
An "I'm Late!" potato sack race, in which everyone has to hop like the White Rabbit to the finish line, or a sugar cube toss game in which the kids try to toss their sugar cubes into a tea set for prizes. The March Hare likes to try and toss sugar cubes into everybody's tea cups, in addition to throwing things!!!

Party Favors
For each party favor I got unfinished ceramic tea cups and saucers and painted and sealed them. Then I filled them all with flamingo suckers, a mini deck of cards, hearts, a marshmallow cupcake sucker, an Alice picture with "Thank You for coming to my very merry unbirthday party. Love Piper" written on it, flower pens, heart sucker bouquets etc... 
Other ideas could include : 
Koolaide bottles with "drink me tags", mushroom or teacup cookies with "Eat Me" written on them, little bubbles with a printed caterpillar sticker on the front and the funny crocodile poem attached, a plastic crab or lobster squirter, chocolate playing cards, white rabbit dolls, a heart wand, etc....

The party turned out to be a blast, our Alice was thrilled  and a good time was had by all! Hopefully if you ever decide to have your own "very merry unbirthday party" you will be inspired by ours!
Wishing you peace, love & a little pixie dust,

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  1. What a beautiful party! I'm going to attempt throwing my daughter an Alice and Wonderland party for her 9th birthday. Thanks for the inspiration! Your daughter is very lucky!!


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