Friday, February 4, 2011

Yum Yum Bubble Gum

February 4th is National Bubble Gum Day.
Seriously it is - this is not a joke!!

To honor this "Bubbalicious" of a day, the kids and I decided to conduct our own bubble gum taste test. There are so many flavors of bubble gum available out there that sometimes it can take us at least 15 minutes to decide which flavor we want to chew and blow bubbles with that day!

So the test began. We had 10 flavors of bubble gum plus the original pink bubble gum to use for our taste test. I had made charts for the kids to use that had the names of the flavors of gum we were testing and columns for them to record if they liked the flavor or not. We cut the gums into taste portions and prepared to get chewing!!!

We gave each flavor of gum the same amount of testing by chewing each piece for 2 minutes (which really is a long time if the gum you are chewing is sour and nasty!). Thirty minutes later our test was complete. Here are our findings :

Top 3 Favorite Bubble Gum Flavors

1- Original Pink Bubble Gum
You can't really mess up a classic!
2 - Paradise Punch
A tropical mouth watering sensation
3 - Strawberry Watermelon
Mixing 2 favorite flavors you can't go wrong

Top 3 Nasty Bubble Gum Flavors

1 - Sour Apple
Seriously sour and tangy and leaves you with bad breath
2 - Cherry Lemonade
Sounds yummy right? Wrong!
3 - Sour Double Berry
I think they forgot the berry flavorings and just added super sour pepper powder!

Hope this helps you next time you find yourself standing in the grocery store staring at the gum aisle for 15 min. It definately has helped solve our problem with "the flavor for the day", plus we all had alot of fun testing them!! I think the kids will be on a sugar high for at least two days now!!! 

Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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