Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day is on Friday, April 22 this year. 

Earth day we typically use an an "awareness" day - a day to teach about recycling, going green, preserving our natural resources, etc. All of these things are definitely important and should be taught and stressed, but  why not also use Earth Day as a celebration day too! A celebration of our amazing Earth - the wonder and beauty that can be found in the different shades of green found in our forests, in the pink, red and yellow bursts of color popping up in the Spring flowers or even the brilliant blue of the sky on a sunny day. Too often we are too busy to take time to "stop and smell the roses", so make it a point this year to smell atleast 1 on Earth Day! The flowers, the trees, the grass are all gifts from God that he has given us to enjoy and protect. 


This year to celebrate Earth Day at our house, I decided to make a scavenger hunt up for the kids. I went around and took pictures of different elements of nature found right in our own back yard. A picture of tree bark, a flower, leaves off of different types of trees - I even found a Robin's nest with 4 eggs! Once I had finished taking my pictures I loaded them in my computer and made a picture guide for them to use on their scavenger hunt. 


The scavenger hunt will not only be a blast for the kids - running around trying to identify the things in the pictures and find them - but will also, I hope, serve as a guide for them to appreciate and "see" the beauty of our Earth found in our own backyard. 

Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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