Monday, April 4, 2011

Surprise Birthday For Mom

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and I hope they're right! A couple weekends ago I was gone for my birthday. I walked in the door on Sunday evening and my daughter, Piper, had set up a surprise birthday dinner for me. She had spent an hour setting the table up all by herself. She was so proud of herself and excited to show it to me! (And I was so proud of her!). She told me that someday she would be a decorator / party giver like me and hoped her daughter would too! 

At each place setting she had made place cards and 2 party picks to wave while they sang.

She had asked the babysitter to take her to get a cake and candles

and also to get flowers. Which she put in a vase and decorated with more party picks. 

She also knew I liked to sprinkle confetti on the tables but couldn't find any, so she improvised! She got cookie/cupcake sprinkles out of the cabinet and made her own "confetti"!

The final touch was a sign that she had painted for me and hung in the window behind the table. This surprise party - was for me - the best one in my 35 years so far. It wasn't put together by a "professional", but with all the love in my babies 7 year old heart. And to me, it was the most beautiful party I had ever seen. 

Thank you baby for the most wonderful birthday party ever!

Wishing you peace, love and a little pixie dust,

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