Sunday, December 5, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Hudson, Piper, Julian and Chloe (my niece) with Santa at the party. To make the backdrop, I painted a scene on canvas, added snow, glitter, wrapped packages and (of course) Santa's chair of honor.

My niece's birthday is December 19th. To celebrate her birthday I decided to have a "Breakfast with Santa" party for her. On the agenda I had pictures with Santa, breakfast, gingerbread houses and ornament making. Even though it was a Christmas party it was still a birthday party, so I chose hot pink and lime green as my base colors. The table linens were all hot pink and to make the placemats I laminated holiday wrapping paper that I found in pinks, lime green and red. For the centerpieces I used different color 2ft. tinsel trees filled with all colored tiny glass balls, vases filled with gumdrops that had candy canes and lollipops coming out of the top, which I grouped on top of cake plates for height, and of course a sprinkling of ribbon candy, gumdrops and mini candy canes.

 The kids table. 
Each place setting also had tulle and candy cane wrapped silverware and chairs.

 After breakfast the children all went over to the 2 stations I had set up where they could either paint an ornament or decorate a gingerbread house. At the gingerbread house station I had premade the houses with hot glue and graham crackers and set out all of their candies and icing so all they had to do was walk up and get to decorating!  The children all had a blast! Their smiles and laughter were worth a thousand words! 
At the ornament table we painted their hands green and printed them on a frosted glass ball. Then we added a trunk, star, tinsel and red balls and turned each of their hands into a Christmas tree. They were adorable and a perfect keepsake for mom! 

My son, Julian, during breakfast.

An hour and a half later the kids had all gone home, the party was cleaned up but the smiles, laughter and feeling of Christmas remained. This special time of year was made even more magical with candy canes, gum drops and just a little pixie dust! 

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