Monday, December 13, 2010

Deck The Halls

Decking The Halls All Through The House

The hutch in the dining room decorated with a collection 
of snow village houses, trees, snowman, snow and glitter.

OK - so some may say that I am a little Christmas crazy! I admit it. It's true! I love the warmth and togetherness the holidays bring among family and friends. I love the sound of Christmas carols and the smell of holiday baking in the kitchen. I love the sparkling of the Christmas trees and the house lights in the night sky. I love the twinkle that appears in the eyes of children, and adults, when they think of Santa and the magic of Christmas. I love bringing the feeling of the holidays to others when they enter our home, and if they leave feeling like they should belt out a chorus from "Joy To The World" then  I say - Sing it Out!!

On the left is a picture of the grouping on the table in the window. On this table I put snowmen, trees, cotton snow and glitter.
Below is an overall picture of the display all around the window in the dining room. Snow is the overall theme found in the dining room. It covers the table top, is used as a covering on the trees and also on the ground below the trees piled with snowballs and glitter.
In the dining room I try and create a winter wonderland. To create this I pull out my collection of snowmen, Christmas houses, bottle brush trees, snow and glitter. In the window I sat a table with snowmen and snow and then on either side of it I set Christmas trees covered only with cotton for snow and sprinkle a bunch of glitter all over them. Around the bottom of the trees I pile a bunch of cotton for "snow mounds" and then add in some snow balls. To make the snow balls I  buy styrofoam balls and cover them with stretched cotton. On the dining table I group trees and snow and then also on the hutch. To create your own winter wonderland all you need is cotton, styrofoam balls and a whole bunch of glitter. 

In the living/family room I decorate with bolder colors of reds and greens. This room is where I display my collection of Santas, our family stockings and also where we set up our main family Christmas tree. On the mantle I decorate with our Santas, hang up the stockings and place above it a giant wreath. The smiles and giggles these stockings always cause when they are brought out for the season are irreplaceable. The Christmas tree in this room is the main focal point and also very special to us. I put the beads and ribbon on it and then the family gets to it! On this tree is where we put all of our special family ornaments and all the ornaments the kids make. This tree is always changing and getting added to during the season as the children bring home more goodies to hang on it!

Left is a picture of our mantle all decked out with our Santas and below is a table in our living room. Creating a display that makes a statement is easy. Just group together items that are special to you and make you smile and they are sure to be a hit! Don't be intimidated - if you don't like it you can always try again!

There are many ways to create the feelings of the holiday in your home:

1. - Place out candies and cookies for your guests to nibble on
2. Set out glass bowls/vases filled with Christmas balls 
3. Play Christmas carols softly in the background of your gatherings
4. Have holiday scented candles burning or potpourri set out.
5. Have little goodies on the stand by for drop in guests - 
candy canes tied with Christmas ribbon for children, 
an ornament, candle or other small memento for adults. 
6. Set out Christmas napkins, guest towels, tea towels, etc. in the powder baths, 
kitchens and other high traffic areas.
7. Welcome your guests with a holiday wreath and welcome mat
8. Make a holiday display in your kitchen with gingerbread houses, jars 
and glass vases filled with brightly colored holiday candy and cookies
9.Use live greenery on top of mantles, table tops, hutches and stair banisters to 
bring to mind the feeling of the holidays. Decorate the greenery with ribbon, 
pinecones, ornaments, etc.

Once you capture the warmth and love of the holidays in your home - hold on to it all year long. With love in your heart, the holiday warmth and joy in your spirit and a little pixie dust, you will be the one wanting to sing "Joy To The World". 

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