Friday, December 24, 2010

Ornaments To Make With Kids

5 Quick Ornaments to Make With Your Kids

1. Handprint Christmas Tree 
To make this ornament start with a clear or frosted glass ball. With green paint, paint your child's hand and then print it on the ball with the fingers pointing towards the top. Once the handprint is dry, paint a trunk (brown), a star and garland (yellow) and then add dots fro ornaments (red). 

2. Crushed Can Gingerbread Man
To make this ornament start with one empty pop can - crushed. Paint the crushed can light brown/tan. Out of a coordinating brown foam sheet, draw and cut out a body for your gingerbread man. Once your can is dry, hot glue the foam body to the underside of the can. The next step is to use puff paint to add the details on the body and the face, glue on the wiggle eyes, pom pom nose and bow and your done!

3. Ice Cream Cone Ornament 
The first step to making this ornament is to hot glue a solid color Christmas ball to an ice cream cone. Once dry, drip white and brown or white and red paint on the top of the ball and let it run down the sides - this becomes your marshmallow, chocolate and strawberry sauce on your icecream! While the paint is still wet sprinkle real ice cream sprinkles onto it and voila' an ice cream cone for your tree that looks almost edible!!!

4. Wooden Star
To make this simple but easy ornament all you need are large popsicle sticks, glue dots, glitter, rhinestones, stickers or whatever you would like to decorate them with. Arrange your popsicle sticks into a star and glue dot them together. The let the kids get busy glueing, glittering and decorating them to their hearts content. This is fun and quick to do together and let's the kids creativity shine!

 5. Fingerprint Snowman Ornament
This ornament is not only adorable but a keepsake too. Start with a plain ornament (clear, frosted, solid blue, etc.). Paint your childs fingers white, 3 or 4 depending on how many will fit on the ornament,  and then press them on the ornament. Your child's fingers prints become the bases for your snowmen. Then let the child go to work painting on hats, scarves, carrot noses, buttons, etc. 

 Christmas ornaments can be made out of practically anything! The saying really is true that you can turn your trash into a treasure. Here are just a few more examples of some ornaments we have made. 

Wishing you peace, love and holiday magic during this holiday season,

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