Friday, December 17, 2010

Reindeer Food

Making Reindeer Food With Your Kids

STEP 1 : Gather your ingredients

Ingredients : 
silver and gold glitter
red and green sugar crystals

STEP 2 : Dump your ingredients all together in a large pot

The oatmeal and the colored sugars are the food for the reindeer to eat. The glitter sparkles in the moonlight to let the reindeer know where to find their food, but it also is the magic ingredient needed for them to fly!!!

Julian, Hudson and Daddy 
Piper and Ethan

Step 3 : Stir all together

 Be sure and stir very well to mix it all together so that with each bite the reindeer get enough food and magic.

Ethan and Piper
Julian and Hudson

Step 4 : Divide it into bags and add topper

Once you have it all mixed, scoop some into individual bags and staple on your topper. About 1 1/2 cups per bag. 

Your finished reindeer food
Once you have finished making all your reindeer food it is time to put on your Christmas pajamas, Santa hats, turn on the Christmas carols and deliver these to your children's friends. This is the kids favorite part! They get so excited to share them with their friends and tell them all about sprinkling it on their lawn on Christmas Eve for the reindeer to eat. You can practically see their eyes twinkling! 

Making reindeer food has become a tradition in our family. The week before Christmas we all look forward to it and know that not only is it soon going to be time to bake cookies for Santa, we also have to feed the reindeer! 

Peace, Love and Holiday Magic

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