Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Holly Recipe

Nanny's X-mas Holly

I remember growing up and going over to my Nanny's house every year around the holidays and making Christmas Holly with her. We would always make a yummy, gooey batch of it - some to eat then and some to take home with me to my parents. I looked forward to it every year. 
My Nanny is no longer here to make Christmas Holly with me, but I carry on the tradition by making it with my children. Every time I make it it still brings to mind the feelings of Christmas, the warmth and love of family, and the spirit found during the holidays. 

Hudson, Piper and Ethan helping me make a batch of Christmas holly! 
They always get so excited when I drag their aprons out - even if they don't know what we are making!

Ethan preparing the cornflakes

Hudson putting the red hots on top of the holly

Christmas Holly
from : Betty Barger

1 stick butter
1 bag large marshmallows, about 35
4 cups cornflakes
1 tsp. vanilla
red hots
green food coloring

Melt butter and marshmallows till begin to boil. Remove from heat add vanilla, corn flakes and green food coloring. Mix all quickly together until cornflakes are evenly covered with marshmallow mixture. Butter fingers and drop cornflake mixture by half dollar size "goops" onto waxed paper. Top each with 3 red hots. Makes about 2 1/2 dozen.

 Piper adding the "berries" to our "holly"!

Hudson and Piper displaying their finished pans of holly! They were so proud of themselves!

Hudson - my little Christmas elf - all ready to make our deliveries!!

This year the kids decided we were going to make this holly for their Gam and Papa and their Mimi and Pops, so we did! We turned the carols on, got to cooking, they helped me arrange them on their trays and we loaded up to be Santa's delivery service. We showed up unexpectedly at each of their doors and they were greeted by 4 excited little voices yelling "Merry Christmas" and shoving Christmas holly at them!!! This year my Nanny's Christmas Holly tradition was made even more memorable for me by the imagination, smiles, love and laughter of 4 very precious children.

Peace, love, and pixie dust

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