Thursday, December 23, 2010

Children's Holiday Books

Our Top 5 Holiday Books

This year, as the kids and I have read our holiday books together in the evening, we have discovered that there are a few that we love to read over and over again. I thought I would share these with others so they could enjoy them too. They have become our family favorites and will soon become yours!

1. The Little Christmas Tree by Dugald Steer.

In this book we discover how Santa's toys bring the magic of Christmas all the way home to the North Pole to a lonely little fir tree. This beautiful book has rich, colorful illustrations and embossed pages. It teaches us an important lesson about caring. 

2. Room For a Little One : A Christmas Tale by Martin Waddell

This book tells us the story of the barn animals and how they welcomed a little one into the world on a cold winter's night. A very sweet and loving story that reminds us of the reason for the season.

3. Christmas Magic by Michael Garland

In this story we find that there seems to be an extra bit of magic in the air this Christmas Eve. Emily also develops a friendship with the new boy next door as they share in the magic. This book is a joyful reminder that no matter what else the holiday may bring, love and friendship hold the true magic of Christmas.

4. The Christmas Baby by Marion Dane Bauer

In this story we are told about the birth of Baby Jesus in the stable, and of Mary, Joseph, the animals, the angels, the kings, etc. rejoicing at the birth of this child. We read on to learn that every child that is born into this world is a gift from God and worth a celebration . A wonderful, touching holiday story. 

5. The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore / Mary Engelbreit

This is the book we read every year on Christmas Eve. It is the telling of the traditional Night Before Christmas, only with bright, whimsical, child-like illustrations. Your children will enjoy it so much, you will definitely read it atleast 3 times!!!

There are many holiday books to chose from, these are just a few of our family's top picks. No matter which book you choose to read with your family this holiday, the goal is the same : to find the magic in this holiday season, together as a family, in the pages of a book. 

Wishing you love, peace and holiday magic,

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